27 September, 2012

Chains are gone

'My chains are gone, I've been set free. My God, my savior has ransomed me. And like a flood, His mercy rains, unending love, amazing grace.' • Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin • 

This is a collab. My click // Edit by the very talented Traci [Miss Mae]. Her pictures are just Amazing !! Her blog is very inspiring and positive. So lucky to work with her.

20 July, 2012

Bonfire (lohri)

Lohri is an extremely popular festival celebrated majorly by the North Indians in the months of Jan-Feb. It is a cultural festival related to agricultural growth and success.

People circle the holy fire and then serve some dry fruits & nuts to it. Then they perform bhangra, around the fire.

17 July, 2012

Time Lapse Photography

This was done with a simple digital camera Canon A800.
People say its difficult to do things professionally without a professional camera.
Doing this was a difficult job but it wasn't impossible.
It just required some hard work, a bit of balancing and a lot of patience.